Integrating with A/B Testing & MVT Platforms

  • Integrating with Maxymiser

    To integrate between Maxymiser and SessionCam please contact your Maxymiser account manager who should be able to assist with the setup from their side. When an integ...

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  • Integrating with Optimizely

    Enabling SessionCam in Optimizely To enable the SessionCam integration for a project, go to the Integrations tab on the Home page and toggle the button to On in the...

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  • Integrating with Qubit for MVT Testing

    SessionCam can easily enable you to capture Experience information from Qubit when you are running an MVT or A/B Test.  In order to get this working simply drop us a m...

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  • Integrating with Visual Web Optimizer

    Users of Visual Web Optimizer (VWO) are able to send data about the variants into SessionCam to be able to easily segment their recordings, heatmaps, and even conversi...

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  • Integrating with Piwik Analytics

    You can import sessions from SessionCam into your Piwik Analytics dashboard. Importing sessions into Piwik Analytics means you can view sessions based on existing Piwi...

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  • Integrating with ABTasty

    ABTasty is a tool often used for A/B Testing and MVT. ABTasty have built an integration for their users to enable them to send the Test and Variation details across to...

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  • Integrating with Adobe Test & Target

    When using Test and Target it is possible to insert specific code blocks for the tests you run. This then enables you to harness the power of a Test and Target test an...

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  • Integrating with Google Optimise (Beta)

    Please note: at the time of writing Google Optimise is currently still in it's beta phases and the integration options may change when the public releases are made. Wh...

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