Webtrends Optimize | Send data to SessionCam

Webtrends Optimize is an Experimentation and Personalisation platform which we can offer the ability to integrate with.

Webtrends Optimize have built an integration for their users to enable sending Test and Variation details across to SessionCam using a Custom Variable.

To enable this integration you simply need to contact your Optimisation Consultant at Webtrends Optimize who will happily have this set up for you.

Once the integration has been enabled, you will be able to filter your session by the Webtrends Optimize data by building the following query within the advanced filters:

"Field Value" for "WTOptimize_Test" is “Exactly” "TestName”

If you want to search for all sessions that saw the variable you can build the query below:

"Field Value" for "WTOptimize_Test" is “Entered”