How to configure the Bi-directional Google Analytics Integration

In order to set up the GA bi-directional integration you must first configure the one-directional integration; if this has not been configured, please see this article on how to set up a custom dimension in GA; this article describes how to configure SessionCam, and how to create a Custom Report within GA so you can see sessions which have had a sessionId allocated.

To configure the bi-directional integration you must first authenticate your Google account by following these steps:

Log in to SessionCam.

If you have access to multiple accounts then make sure the correct one is selected from the left-most drop-down in the top-right corner of the screen.

From the collapsible tray, select "Manage > Integrations".

As you will have already enabled the single-direction integration the "Google Analytics" section will already be enabled.

Select the "Settings" button; the  "Google Analytics" pop-up will appear.

Click the toggle switch "2-Way Integration" section so that its state changes to Enabled.

Note: If you cannot see the "2-Way Integration" section then your logon account will require the "View GA Management" permission to be assigned to it.

Click the green "Authenticate with Google" button that appears.

Sign in with your Google account when prompted in the "Sign in with Google" screen that appears.
Click the "Allow" button when prompted.

Note: The custom segments you are giving read-only access to will differ, depending on which account you sign in with. SessionCam will get visibility of all the custom segments that are shared across all views, plus any custom segments which are visible in view chosen in the following steps.

The green button in the  "Google Analytics" pop-up screen will change into a red button labelled "Revoke Authentication".

A new row will appear, containing two text boxes.

Enter the ID of the view you want to share with SessionCam in the left-hand text box (Google View ID).

Enter the custom dimension in the right-hand text box (Google Custom Dimension ID). This is typically set to the value used in the Dimension ID text box above it, prepended with the string 'ga:'. For example, if the Dimension ID text box has the value dimension1, then enter the value ga:dimension1.

Press the "Save Account" button.