Dynamic Yield | Send data to SessionCam


Dynamic Yield are a A/B testing platform that specialise in journey focused campaign testing and predictive targeting using AI.


This integration will allow you to see which Dynamic Yield campaigns have been hit by your users and filter by these, in SessionCam. You can filter all data in SessionCam by these metrics, heatmaps by campaign, journey conversion by campaign etc. Then view recordings of top struggle sessions within these segments.


To setup the integration

The integration is set up on the Dynamic Yield platform, simply request this from your contact at Dynamic Yield.


To use the integration

Dynamic Yield will send you campaign names through to SessionCam using our Custom Variable feature. In the past they have added DY_ to the front to make it much easier for you to segment by these values.

To filter by the values, search for Field Value for DY then a word contained in your campaign name, in the example below it is Visited.

Please check with your Dynamic Yield representative the exact names sent to SessionCam when this is setup, they should be able to provide you a list of what was sent and on which dates. dy-example.png