InMoment | Send data to SessionCam


InMoment is a Voice of the Customer solution that offers a modern approach to collecting and understanding data from every touchpoint.

With this Integration you will be able to filter SessionCam data by people that have interacted with your InMoment survey. This will allow you to focus in on key known struggle areas, and quickly bring to the surface recordings of engaged consumers.


Setting up

To setup this integration simply talk to your InMoment contact. The integration will be turned on from their side and you will be given a custom filter by them, to search for in SessionCam.

Once you have the filter key, for example: “im_survey_complete”, you would then use our Field Value filter in Advanced Filtering to segment your data. Using the example key, you would search Field Value for “Im_survey_completed” is “Entered”. Please follow the link for more information on Advanced Filtering