Segment | Send data to Segment

Segment is a tool that allows you to collect and send data to many platforms using one tag.

SessionCam offers a one way integration, to send our sessionID to Segment as part of their Track api.

If you want to use SessionCam as a Source for Segment (please see the Segment docs linked for a explanation of this term), then this would require a different approach. We would suggest using our Alerts API and collecting the data on your own server, before changing it into the json format required by Segment. Please contact our support team if you would like assistance completing this.

Sending Data to Segment

To send the SessionCam sessionID to Segment please add the below code to your site:

scsessionstarted = function(sc) {
//If you wanted to send a full replay link you would use something similar to the line below analytics.track("SessionCam", { SessionID: "" + sc.sessionId }); }; if(!window.sessioncamConfiguration) { window.sessioncamConfiguration = new Object(); } sessioncamConfiguration.notifications = [{ event: 'session/started', listener: scsessionstarted }]; </script>

This will add a track property into Segment with the name 'SessionCam' and the key 'SessionID'. You can now send this to your other data sources along with your other Segment information.

If you look in the Segment debugger it will look like this:


Copy the URL in green into your browser to view the SessionCam recording.