How to add SessionCam using Adobe Launch

The SessionCam recording tag can now be fired from Adobe Launch, a new tag management system from Adobe.

These instructions assume you already have Adobe Launch set up. For more information, please visit Adobe.

In order to add the SessionCam recording tag, you will need to install the SessionCam extension. This can be found by searching the catalog in the Extensions tab. 


Once the SessionCam extension has been installed it will be listed in your installed list. 

The next step is to create a rule to define when you fire the SessionCam recording tag. This can be done under the rules section

You will need to add an if and a then rule to fire the SessionCam tag.

The if rule will determine when you want the rule to fire which can be based on an event, condition or exception. 


The when rule will determine what you want the rule to do which is fire the SessionCam extension that has been set up.


The finished rule will look like the below depending on what your rules are to fire the code. 


The set up of the SessionCam recording tag is now complete.