SiteSpect | Send data to SessionCam

Sitespect is an A/B testing tool that offers strong personalisation tools.

The integration with SiteSpect with SessionCam, allows you to push the SiteSpect Campaign ID and Variation ID into the SessionCam data and then use Advanced Filters to filter your recordings by these values. 

Sending SiteSpect Campaign and Variation ID to SessionCam

You will need to create a Site Variation using SiteSpect’s WATTS macros. You can find instructions on how to do this by following this help article on the Sitespect help site:

Once this is setup SessionCam will start receiving Sitespect Campaign and Variation IDs.

Viewing in SessionCam

The example advanced filters you can use are: 

"Field Value" for "SiteSpect A/B Test - Campaign" is "Exactly" "123456789".

"Field Value" for "SiteSpect A/B Test - Variation" is "Exactly" "1234567".