Onboarding Factsheet

Success Criteria:

We want your experience of SessionCam to be a delight! Your Sales Representative or Account Manager will discuss your goals in using the SessionCam platform. On the onboarding call, we’ll go over the specifics of your requirements; this allows us to ensure we build and test a platform that allows you to surface the insights you're looking for with ease. Things you may want to consider in advance are:

  1. The URL’s we need to be aware of, for any specific journeys you wish to track; this is especially the case for journeys containing:
    1. Conversion pages, such as a checkout confirmation page.
    2. Specific error messages you wish to track via SessionCam’s Error Report.
    3. Bespoke data you wish to capture, such as order ID’s, or values located within a data layer.
  2. If you’re an Event-triggered Replay client, we’ll also need to know what triggers you would like set up, and how we can test these.


In order to enable recording on your site(s) we need to specify the following info in your build:

  1. The full domain names, including their protocols, any sub-domains, and any pages that you specifically do or do not wish to record.
  2. Any relevant username and password details which will allow us to complete full end-to-end testing of any of your specified journeys.
  3. If your internal security guidelines dictate that in the first instance SessionCam must be tested in a pre-production environment, we’ll need you to confirm whether this is publicly accessible; if not, whether we can be granted access.
  4. We’ll also require your monthly stats on the number of page views your respective sites receive, so we may set appropriate sampling rates.

Data Privacy:

Different businesses, in different locations, have different requirements in regards to data privacy. In order to configure your account to meet your specific needs, we need to know how to apply data masking to:

  1. Form field input, especially regarding PII (Personally Identifiable Information).
  2. Plain text, which shows PII.
  3. IP addresses - including whether there are any IP ranges you wish to block from recording - such as your office IP’s.

Note: If you wish to employ a masking scheme that reveals any PII, as defined by E.U. GDPR or U.S. CCPA legislation, please discuss the available options with your Sales Representative or Account Manager. 

Privacy Policy:

Some SessionCam customers choose to update their privacy policy on their website. You may wish to consider this.


SessionCam offers a number of live integrations with tools, including Analytics, A/B Testing and VOYC. If you have such a tool that you wish to include in your build, we need to know:

  1. The tool name and its function.
  2. What you would like to see from the integration.