New Account Onboarding Process

Due to SessionCam's highly configurable framework and varying customer build requirements/goals, we have carefully designed an onboarding process that aims to provide a platform tailored to your specific sites and/or analytical goals, so you can surface insights quickly.

Setup Process:

  1. Onboarding Project Raised; either:
    1. At the culmination of pre-build discussions between you and either your Sales Representative or Account Manager will engage the Onboarding Team. You and your team will be CC'd into a project ticket.
    2. If you are an existing client wishing to add a new account to your login, or to modify an existing account, you can create a new request within your Support Ticket Portal.
  2. The Onboarding Project Manager assigned to your project will:
    1. Provide you with a link to their Calendly page so that you may book a setup call, at a time of your choosing, to go over the requirements of your SessionCam build.
    2. Should you not already have one, they will also create a user login for you and your team so that you may access the SessionCam Setup and User Guide's, and also your Support Ticket Portal, where you can manage your existing support requests, and log new ones.
  3. On the setup call, we will confirm the requirements of your build with you, specifically with a focus on your 'Success Criteria'; you can read more about the things to consider for the call in our Onboarding Factsheet.
  4. Once it's confirmed that the SessionCam recording tag is deployed to the areas of the site/s in question, and is firing correctly we can then begin the 'Build & Test' phase of your project.
  5. The output of the Build & Test phase will be a set of test sessions which demonstrate that the build that we have configured meets your success criteria. We will ask you to confirm that you're happy with these test sessions and that we can now enable the live recording of the general public.
  6. Once recording has been enabled we perform a 48-hour monitoring phase to ensure that everything is working just as you'd expect.
  7. Once the monitoring phase has been completed you will be introduced to the SessionCam Support Team, who will provide you with all of the resources, training, and guidance you'll need to allow you to quickly get up to speed.