Which sessions should I watch?

You’ll need to find a way to decide which recorded sessions to watch and how many of them.

This may depend on your reasons for using SessionCam plus any other data or insights you may have.

According to what you know and what you want to do, the following tools may help you decide which sessions to watch:

  • CS Scores – If you’re starting from scratch, with lots of sessions available but little insight, the best place to begin is with those sessions that have a high CS Score. We recommend spending a few hours watching those sessions to get a good feel for where your customers are struggling.
  • Opportunities - Opportunities shows you changes in conversion and site performance by performing hundreds of checks on your funnel and Key Journeys data (Head here to find out more about Key Journeys).
  • Segments – If you’re aware of problems with a particular device, browser, operating system, etc., then combine filters into a ‘segment’ to bring struggle sessions to the top of the list. Take a similar approach if your customers, tech teams or support team are reporting problems; you can filter to look for those session types. Watching a set of sessions for a few hours will show you exactly where to focus your attention.
  • Key Journeys/Funnels – These allow you to quickly identify pages or form fields that cause poor conversion or drop-out on a specified journey, and to jump directly to watch those sessions.
  • Heatmaps – If you don’t want to focus on struggle or known problem areas, then try Heatmaps. If you produce a heatmap of your most frequently visited pages, SessionCam’s aggregated data will soon tell you if your visitors are using the page differently from what you expect. If there’s a lot of heat around an unexpected area on the page, play the sessions that went into producing the heatmap.
  • Roles – If you have a particular role within your organization, you may consider watching some or all of the sessions relevant to that role. Some examples may be:
    • If you work in fraud, filter and watch all those sessions where the credit-card field has been used more than three times.
    • If you work in fulfilment, watch all the sessions filtered by users who visited the payment page but didn't reach the confirmation page.
    • If you work in engineering, watch all the sessions where the ‘404 page not found’ error occurs.
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