What are the best Segments to create?

Segments are a set of filters (going from 1 to a combination of up to 15) applied to your session data. These filters allow you to look at a particular type of visitor or at a group of potential problems.

At the most basic level, segments will save you time if you routinely find yourself using the same set of filters.

Best practice would be to create a number of segments relating to the most common filtering tasks you perform.

Once the segments are set up, you can quickly view the associated recordings. You can also use the Segment feature when producing heatmaps or analysing conversion funnels.

The image below shows some of the segments users often create.


You can also use segments to extract data and alert yourself to particular scenarios happening, as they happen.

The way segments are used will vary from organisation to organisation, but you’ll soon be able to set up the segments you need to access the data that’s most important to you.

Not only do segments help you access recordings very quickly, they are also the mechanism for triggering alerts and exports. Experienced SessionCam users tell us that these features are invaluable.

Please note:

  • Orders from a specific territory may require special or manual interventions in order to successfully fulfil.
  • 404 Errors are associated with a new application the business has recently developed, and it is important to be aware of all the customers impacted.
  • Lead generation is expensive, so once a lead has progressed all the way to a payment page the business may want to monitor and minimize any drop off on that page.
  • The other two segments are useful for the UX team.
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