How do experienced clients use SessionCam?

You can use SessionCam to:

  • Optimize the journeys for particular purchases or applications by rapidly identifying which pages or form fields cause the most drop-offs. You can filter the results by criteria such as device, browser or operating system. You can also watch activity on pages that are performing poorly, and sessions where customers regularly drop out on a specific field.
  • Improve the visitor experience by observing the behavior of individual customers, or an aggregated group of customers, on particular pages or journeys.
  • Watch what visitors do and what they don’t do. SessionCam’s unique Customer Struggle Score will instantly spot which pages cause the most struggle, and will email the details to your UX team.
  • Save the sale whenever a customer leaves a purchase or application journey. Even if data hasn’t been sent to your back-end system, SessionCam knows what’s been entered and how far your customer has progressed along the purchase journey. Information can be gathered instantly and automatically passed to an email or dialling system, permitting you to remarket to your visitors.
  • Detect and reduce errors on your website, and understand the impact of those errors. SessionCam will highlight error messages seen by your visitors as well as internal JavaScript errors that hinder progress through your website. You can automate the process and set up notifications to a technical or engineering team whenever errors occur.
  • Enhance auditing and compliance by recording and storing what a visitor did on your website. SessionCam stores the session exactly as the visitor saw it – even if the page has since changed since then. This means you can evidence precisely what the visitor chose, whether they read your terms & conditions and what was entered or re-entered into the website.
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness in your customer support and complaints teams by recording customers’ web journeys. You can provide your contact centres with the opportunity to replay website sessions within moments – seeing and understanding your visitors’ actions will make a significant difference to any conversation with them.
  • Reduce operational costs by cutting the volume of support calls and emails coming into the business. SessionCam lets you serve your customers effectively through a low-cost medium before they need to use a high-cost medium to tell you about a problem. You can ask for our white paper on call deflection.
  • Enrich experience on other website tools. You can breathe new life into your other software tools by passing data, or links to a session replay, to them. This will enhance the value of those tools, whether they involve analytics, multi-variant testing, voice of the customer or big-data tools.
  • Detect fraud or suspicious behavior on a website via alerts sent through to the appropriate teams. For example, SessionCam will spot visitors who try to manipulate their insurance premium by playing around with different combinations of risk. It will see where someone’s trying to buy using an unusual number of payment cards, or where a visitor can apply more than one coupon or voucher code.
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