Activating the SessionCam/Adobe Bi-directional Integration

You can import your Adobe segments into SessionCam and filter sessions based upon those segments.

In order to achieve this, you need to set SessionCam to access your Analytics instance by mimicking a user account; if you have 'Product Admin' permissions, you can set the integration up yourself by accessing the 'Integrations' screen:

*If you do not have access to the 'Integrations' screen, you can send the necessary details (explained below) to the SessionCam Support Team at, who will complete the set-up on your behalf.


You will need to either enter/provide a Username, Secret Key, Report Suite Id and Company Name:


These details allow the SessionCam platform to access your Analytics instance and facilitates porting your segments across.

  • Username: Your Analytics API Username (or user who has 'Web Service' permissions)

  • Secret Key: Your Analytics 'Secret key' (which can be found under 'Account Information' in the 'Web Service' section of Analytics 


These details allow the SessionCam platform to compare segment report data against the collected segments, and allows SessionCam to allocate specific sessions to specific segments.

  • Report Suite ID: Your Analytics API Report Suite (repository) ID

  • Company Name: The company name, as configured in Analytics


Once you have saved and activated the integration, it will take your segments 48 hours to be present in the SessionCam platform - which you can review by clicking on the 'Manage' icon. 


You can then filter sessions by your segments from 'Funnel Insights' accessed via Key Journeys:


For more information on using Funnel Insights to segment your data, please visit Funnel Insights - Summary