How to set up Custom Hostnames

SessionCam records and reports on sessions based on the hostname(s) of your website. For example, if your hostname is "", then we will assign that hostname to your account.

Only users of your account can see session data for that hostname, and only relevant users can configure recording rules for that hostname.

In certain situations you may want to create a "custom hostname" for us to use rather than using your actual hostname(s) for recording/reporting purposes.

You may want to do this if:

  • you have a really long hostname:

e.g. if your website hostname is "", it may be neater for us to report on this as "

  • your website has many hostnames:

e.g. if you want to record “”, “”, and “”, then you could set the custom hostname to "", and report/record under one hostname rather than multiple ones.

How to implement a Custom Hostname

Place the following JavaScript as high up in the page HTML as possible.

<script type="text/javascript">
window.sessioncamConfiguration = new Object();
window.sessioncamConfiguration.SessionCamHostname= ''

Set the “SessionCamHostname” value to the custom hostname you want to use. In the above example your custom hostname would be “”.

Once you have done this, please contact and we will configure your account to use your custom hostname accordingly.