How to setup a Custom Field Name

When searching within SessionCam for particular fields from your website forms —or when SessionCam saves the data— SessionCam uses the “name=” attribute from within your HTML. This happens by default.

If you don't wish to have a “name=” attribute, or you have duplicate names/non-meaningful names, you can tell SessionCam to use a Custom Field Name.

Add the attribute “sessioncam-name” in the HTML of a field to set a custom field name that is sent over to SessionCam.

For example:

<input id="query" name="query" placeholder="Search" type="search">

This field can be  assigned a custom name of SessionCamSearch by adding sessioncam-name as such:

<input id="query" name="query" sessioncam-name="SessionCamSearch"  placeholder="Search" type="search">

We highly recommended that this attribute be placed on any fields that have a variable or dynamic field name. This will provide a static name within the SessionCam console.

This can also be used to give long or complex field names a simpler name, or to distinguish between multiple fields with the same name.