Built-in Integrations with popular Analytics and Testing tools

SessionCam has some built-in integrations with popular Analytics and Testing tools, meaning that development work is not necessary.

The current built-in integrations (with links to further information) are:  

These integrations can easily be enabled by users with the Product Admin role on the SessionCam console. If you do not have the product admin role, one of your colleagues will have it,  or with appropriate authorisation, the support team can provide this level of access (please contact support@sessioncam.com).

To access the integrations screen please follow the instructions below:

  1. Expand the "Manage" section in the navigation menu
  2. Click "Account Settings"
  3. Click the tab titled "Integrations"
  4. Simply enable the integration you wish to activate, we suggest viewing the relevant help article

A screenshot of the Integrations screen is shown below:

Please note: If you previously added integrations using code snippets to your website code, you should not run both the code snippet and automated integration together. If you are unsure on whether you have the old code snippet(s) in place do contact our Customer Success Managers who will happily take a look, simply drop us a message on support@sessioncam.com, click here to raise a ticket, or use the link for "Need more help?" in our navigation menu.