How to add SessionCam using Qubit Opentag

The SessionCam recording tag can now be fired from Qubit Opentag. 

These instructions assume that you already have Qubit Opentag setup. For more information visit

In Qubit Opentag you can add tags in two different ways.You can either utilise their tag library or create a custom tag. The SessionCam tag can be found within the Opentag library so in this article we will explain how you can achieve this. 

To begin with, you will need to select the container you want to add the SessionCam tag to on the left.Qubit_1.png

Once you have selected this, then hit the ‘+’ within the container.Qubit_2.png

This will open up a window where you will be able to search the Opentag library for the SessionCam tag. 

To do this you need to enter SessionCam into the search field on the left.Qubit_3.png

Once you have, you will be presented with four options. You need to select SessionCam v6.Qubit_4.png

Next, you will need to name the tag you are applying. Once you have done this, you can then click the ‘Use Library Tag’ button and this will add this tag to your container.Qubit_5.png

When you add a new tag, ‘Never Published’ will display next to the name of your container. What this does is indicates that you have added a new tag to your container but you have not published these changes to your website. To publish your container, you need to do the following.

In your container you will see the ‘Never Published’ icon. Click on this icon.Qubit_6.png

Once selected, you will be presented with the ‘Publish container’ window. To publish the container, you need to type PUBLISH in to the field provided and then select the ‘Publish container’ button.Qubit_7.png

Once you have completed this, you will see Published next to the name of your container.Qubit_8.png

Once the tag is published, and if the recording status is set to ‘On’ within the SessionCam Console we will start recording immediately. 

If you require support in switching recording on/off please feel free to reach out to our support team at