ABTasty | Send data to SessionCam

ABTasty is a tool often used for A/B Testing and MVT.

ABTasty have built an integration for their users to enable sending Test and Variation details across to SessionCam using a Custom Variable.

You can activate this integration by visiting ABTasty's third party Integrations screen. Once activated, this integration will send data across on the next site visit.

In order to filter the sessions by the AB Tasty data, head into SessionCam and use the filters to build the following query:

"Field Value" for "ABTasty" is "[TestId] TestName - [VariationId] VariationName"

If you want to search for all sessions that saw a specific Test Id you can built the query below:

"Field Value" for "ABTasty" is like "[TestId]"

You can find more information about advanced filtering here: https://help.sessioncam.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360033154274-Advanced-Filtering