Qualtrics Surveys I Send data to Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a provider of Online Survey Software. The following instructions will allow you to send the Session ID for the current recording session, into Qualtrics in a few easy steps. You will then be able to use the Session ID to launch a replay of that visitor's session.

Adding the SessionCam SessionID into Qualtrics

You must first be logged in to Qualtrics Site Intercept

Step 1 - Creating the Intercept (optional)

Note: the following steps are optional as you are likely to already have Intercept's set up in your Qualtrics account, you can also use these steps to test the Intercept locally first in a test scenario. If you do not need to set up a new Intercept, please proceed to Step 2

If you do not already have any Intercepts set up within Qualtrics the following instructions will be able to help you get started with adding the SessionCam SessionID as Embedded Data.

The following screenshot shows the Qualtrics Site Intercept dashboard when there are no Intercepts set up. Simply click the "New Intercept" link on the page.

You will then need to name your Intercept, we have chosen to just name this "Demo" for the purpose of this article.

Once you have created your Intercept you will need to apply it to your Creative and select the target for your creative to link to.

Step 2 - Creating the Embedded Data

Once you have the intercept setup, and you have assigned it to a creative, you need to move up

to the Options menu as shown below


From here you will select the Embedded Data option. This will show you a screen similar to the one below, please not ifg you are modifying an existing Intercept and simply adding more data you will see your existing configuration here and simply need to add a new row.

You will need to name this Embedded Data sensibly, this name will be used later in the process. We would suggest naming it "SessionCamID", you will then set the Value to be "Value from JavaScript" and can use the built in SessionCam function by entering the following:

please note that this is case-sensitive so we recommend copying and pasting the JavaScript snippet. The alternative method is to send a full URL to Qualtrics, to achieve this you can use the snippet below:
'https://console.sessioncam.com/Console/Recordings/PlaybackSession?sessionId=' + window.sessionCamRecorder.sessionId()
Now simply Save your Embedded Data to apply this to your Intercept

Step 3 -Publish your Intercept

The final step in this process is to now Publish your newly modified Intercept

For the next steps you will now go into your Qualtrics Survey Control Panel

Step 4 - Edit your Survey

The following steps will allow you to integrate the SessionCamID from your Intercept, into your Survey. You will need to be on the Edit Survey screen, from here you need to click on Survey Flow


Step 5 - Adding the Embedded Data to your Survey Flow

Once in the Survey Flow screen, you will see a screen similar to that shown below. Your screen is likely to show slightly differently if you are adding this into an exisiting survey and may already have a block for Embedded Data If you dont have a block already available for Embedded data simply click on "Add a New Element Here"
Once you have click the link to add a new element you will need to click on "Embedded Data" this will then update your screen similar to that shown below
You will be asked to apply a Name for the field, we called ours SessionCamID just for easy recognition, once you have this you will need to click the link for "Set a Value Now" this will open up a drop-down menu. From here follow the flow shown in the picture below, selecting "Insert Piped Text", then selecting "Embedded Data Field", and finally typing in the Name of your Embedded Field name (ours was again set as SessionCamID but refer to your actions in Step 2 to ensaure you set this to match your name exactly).
Your screen will again look similar to the screenshot shown below confirming that you have successfully assigned the Embedded Data field to that which you setup in your Intercept
That's it! Your integration should now be completed and your Survey Responses will start to show your Session ID's. Proceed to the next block to see how you can review your SessionID in the Survey Responses.
The screen below shows you an individual survey response, as you will see halfway down that screen is the Embedded Data that you just added into the survey. Using the following URL: https://console.sessioncam.com/Console/Recordings/PlaybackSession?sessionId= simply add the SessionID after the equals character. If you have applied the full URL to the Embedded Data then you can of course just copy and paste the link.

Note: You must be logged into SessionCam to be able to view the replay itself