Adobe Test & Target | Send data to SessionCam

It’s possible to insert specific code blocks for the tests you run when using Test and Target, enabling you to harness the power of a Test and Target test and SessionCam side by side.

To do this, include our Custom Variable code (as shown below) in each of your Test’s to identify them within the SessionCam console.

<script type="text/javascript">

if (!window.sessioncamConfiguration)
window.sessioncamConfiguration = new Object();

if (!window.sessioncamConfiguration.customDataObjects)
window.sessioncamConfiguration.customDataObjects = [];

var item = {
key: "TandT-Test1",
value: "Control"



We advise against the use of spaces in the "value", as whitespace can cause the values to split up.

You’ll be able to select the Custom Variable by using the following filter setup:

"Field Value" for "TandT-Test1" is "Exactly" "Control".

This will pull out the sessions related to the variable above.

You can also include the sessions that have seen the variable (including its value) by following the instructions below:

  1. Create a Segment which has a filter reading "Field Value" for "TandT-Test1" is "Entered"
  2. Create an Export, in the export you will use the segment you just created and in the Fields to export in section 2 you will just add "TandT-Test1" as the field
  3. When you create the CSV file, you will see a file where users have seen one of your variants and also the variant they saw (based on the value you added to the variable).