Anonymise a Site Visitors IP Address

In this article we will explain how to anonymise the IP address of your site visitors, you may wish to do so for privacy reasons. It is possible to capture the complete IP address or anonymise each octet. 

You can view a site visitor’s IP address by clicking the ‘Recording information’ button within a recorded session.


In this example you can see 1 octet has been anonymised (the last octet is replaced with zero). Anon_IP_2.png

These are 5 available options to configure anonymisation - 

No anonymisation (eg.

1 octet (

2 octets (

3 octets (

4 octets (

In order to update the configuration of the anonymisation on your account please contact the support team on with the following information:

  1. The level of anonymisation you require from the above options. 
  2. The account & hostname to apply the anonymisation to. 

Please note that the IP address is anonymised before being stored on SessionCam servers & we would not be able to recover IP information at a later date. 

We’re unable to anonymise IP addresses that have already been recorded with no anonymisation applied.