Integrating with Optimizely

Enabling SessionCam in Optimizely

To enable the SessionCam integration for a project, go to the Integrations tab on the Home page and toggle the button to On in the right sidebar.


To enable the integration for a specific experiment, go to that experiment in the Editor, and select Options > Integrations.

Then check the SessionCam box.

Viewing your Optimizely experiments in SessionCam

Once you have enabled the integration in Optimizely and started the experiment, go to your SessionCam account and click the Recordings tab. You can find a tutorial on filtering Optimizely experiments below.

To start filtering for your Optimizely A/B Tests you first need to add a new filter

Simply click on the dropdown menu to select the filter.

From the dropdown list select <span class=""><i><b>Optimizely</b></i></span>

On the next list you will see a list of the Optimizely Experiment names that you have set up. Click <span class=""> on the name you want to filter for</span>

From the next dropdown you will want to select the "is" operator. This will allow you to then filter between the different variation names/identifiers.

The next dropdown menu will give you the list of variations stored against the experiment. You can simply filter by this variation identifier.

Simply click apply to add this filter to your recordings, heatmaps, or alerts.