Integrating with Visual Web Optimizer

Users of Visual Web Optimizer (VWO) are able to send data about the variants into SessionCam to be able to easily segment their recordings, heatmaps, and even conversion funnels based on a specific variant.

Product Admin Users and the SessionCam Customer Success Team can easily activate this integration directly from the SessionCam console.

In order to set this up please the following instructions:

  1. Expand the "Manage" section in the navigation menu
  2. Click "Account Settings"
  3. Click the tab titled "Integrations"
  4. Then simply enable to integration option for VWO

The data for this integration can then be used to filter session data with the SessionCam console simply by adding a filter for "Field Value" and then start to type "Campaign-" you will then see a list of fields starting with "Campaign-" followed by the Test ID.

The resulting list of sessions will be those that have viewed the webpages with the specified variant running.