Integrating with Adobe Omniture / Adobe Analytics

You can import SessionID's from SessionCam into your Omniture dashboard. Importing SessionID's into Omniture means you can view sessions based on existing reports.

Importing SessionIDs into Omniture and viewing playback requires 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Setting up to receive the SessionId

Product Admin Users and the SessionCam Customer Success Team can easily activate this integration directly from the SessionCam console.

In order to set this up please the following instructions:

  1. Expand the "Manage" section in the navigation menu
  2. Click "Account Settings"
  3. Click the tab titled "Integrations"
  4. When enabling the integration with Adobe Omniture/Adobe Analytics you will first need to set up an eVar in Adobe Omniture, this will be something like "eVar67" you will then need to enter that in the settings area of the Integration. It is also possible to use your Omniture page naming convention from this integration section.
  • Step 2: Accessing SessionID's in Omniture dashboard
SessionID's are imported as an eVar, which is available to be added to your existing reports 
  • Step 3: Viewing reports and playback
Once you have added the SessionID's eVar to your reports, you should then see all available SessionID's.
The SessionID will look something like this: 
To view a specific session in SessionCam, simply log into the SessionCam console and then paste the playback URL into your browser ( and replace "xxxx" in the URL with the SessionID you wish to play.
Alternatively you can now download our Chrome plugin as explained in the following article to quickly launch a session replay directly from the Omniture dashboard: Launching Playback of Recorded Sessions directly from (Google) Universal Analytics or SiteCatalyst