How to launch playback of recorded sessions directly from Universal Analytics or SiteCatalyst

You can import the SessionID of a session into Universal Analytics or SiteCatalyst and, with our free Chrome Extension, launch the Session Replay directly from the analytics tool.

Here’s how you go about obtaining a user's SessionID.

The help page on importing SessionID's into Universal Analytics provides a guide on how to pass this SessionID to the analytics tool.

Once this has been done, you can use the SessionID to create the playback URL. A template is a follows:

Alternatively, you can use our Google Chrome Extension which will automatically turn the SessionCam SessionID into a playback link.

The free Chrome Extension can be found here: Google Chrome Playback Extension

The session replays will only be available to play back if they fall within your data retention period.

If you would like to extend the period your sessions are retained for, contact

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