Integrate SessionCam & Google Analytics

Please note: This article applies only to Universal Analytics (analytics.js), Google announced that all GA properties were moved across to Universal Analytics ( and as such we no longer maintain our code snippet for Google Analytics.

You can import sessions from SessionCam into your Universal Analytics/Google Analytics Premium dashboard. Importing sessions into Universal Analytics/Google Analytics Premium means you can view sessions based on existing Universal Analytics/Google Analytics Premium segments and Custom Reports (e.g. Goals, e-commerce activity, advertising clicks etc.).

Importing SessionIDs into Universal Analytics/Google Analytics Premium and viewing playback requires 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Product Admin Users and the SessionCam Customer Success Team can easily activate this integration directly from the SessionCam console. If you do not have the product admin role, one of your colleagues will have it,  or with appropriate authorisation, the support team can provide this level of access (please contact

In order to set this up please the following instructions:

  1. Expand the "Manage" section in the navigation menu
  2. Click "Account Settings"
  3. Click the tab titled "Integrations"
  4. When enabling the integration with Universal Analytics you will first need to set up a dimension for us to send this in to, if youre unsure how to do this follow the instructions below. You simply need to note the Index value for the new dimension you create, and the dimension will need to be in the Session scope. We have included a screenshot below to show how we set this up ourselves in Universal Analytics.
  5. When you return to SessionCam you will need to enter the word dimension followed by its index number as shown below.

Step 2

Accessing SessionID in Universal Analytics/Google Analytics Premium dashboard

To set up a new custom report go to "Customized reporting" and then click on "+ Create new report". Next select the Metrics and Dimensions relevant to the segment that you want to review. Then add "SessionCamID" (replace this with the name of your Custom Dimension) in the list of dimensions, you may have already added some so you can just add it to that list. Here is an example of one we set up:

Step 3

Viewing reports and playback

Here is how our report shows in Univeral Analytics/Google Analytics Premium as set up above:

The SessionID will look something like this


To view a specific session in SessionCam, simply log into the SessionCam console and then paste the playback URL into your browser ( and replace "xxxx" in the URL with the SessionID you wish to play.

Alternatively you can now download our Chrome plugin as explained in the following article (this was used in the screenshot above, you can see the "Play SessionCam Recording" text): Launching Playback of Recorded Sessions directly from Google Analytics or SiteCatalyst