Integrate SessionCam & Piwik Analytics

You can import sessions from SessionCam into your Piwik Analytics dashboard and view these sessions based on existing Piwik Analytics segments.

There are three steps to importing SessionIDs into Piwik Analytics and viewing playback:

  1. Add additional code snippet

The snippet you need depends on the version of Piwik Analytics you’re using and must be placed after the main SessionCam and Piwik Analytics tags.

The following is a template:

<script type="text/javascript">
function setSessionID() {
if(typeof window.sessionCamRecorder != 'undefined') {
if(window.sessionCamRecorder.sessionId().length > 2) {
_paq.push(['setCustomVariable', 1, "SessionCamID", sessionCamRecorder.sessionId(), "visit" ]);
setTimeout('setSessionID()', 100);
setTimeout('setSessionID()', 100);


  1. Access SessionID in Piwik Analytics dashboard

SessionIDs are imported as a Custom Variable, which are available when accessing the reports in Piwik Analytics.

You can view the Custom Variable set against a visit by going to the "Visitors tab" and then selecting the "Visitor Log".

Alternatively, you can view the "Custom Variables" section to see a report on all the variables you have set.

  1. View reports and playback

You will be able to access a replay directly once you have SessionIDs available to you.

The SessionID will look something like this: f3f34551-7ba0-4f9a-a8ac-8683ea74a341,634821081340000000

If you want to view a specific session in SessionCam, log into the SessionCam console and paste the playback URL ( into your browser.

Replace "xxxx" in the URL with the SessionID you want to play.

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