How to exclude IP Addresses from recording on your site

It’s possible to restrict a particular IP address, or even a range of IP addresses, from recording on SessionCam. 

If you have a requirement to block an IP address, or range of IP addresses, then please do contact us on

All we would need is the following:

  • Your account name (this is displayed in the top right of the console as per the example below)


  • All IP addresses you wish to block. IP addresses can be provided in either of the following formats:
  1. i) Single IP address such as
  2. ii) IP Range such as

iii) CIDR such as

iV) IP Range Regular Expression such as ^(100\.22\.31\.([1-9]|[1-9]\d|[12]\d\d)|100\.22\.(3[2-9]|[4-9]\d|[12]\d\d)\.([1-9]?\d|[12]\d\d)|100\.(2[3-9]|[3-9]\d|[12]\d\d)(\.([1-9]?\d|[12]\d\d)){2}|192\.34\.([12]?\d|3[0-4])\.([1-9]?\d|[12]\d\d)|192\.([12]?\d|3[0-3])(\.([1-9]?\d|[12]\d\d)){2}|(10[1-9]|1[1-8]\d|19[01])(\.([1-9]?\d|[12]\d\d)){3})$