Ignoring DOM changes (Ajax)

Turning off a specific DOM change

In certain instances you may not want to record a specific DOM change. This may be due to relevancy, optimization or security purposes.

To stop DOM changes from being recorded you simply have to add a class called "sessioncamignorechanges" to the HTML element that changes based on a DOM event. Any DOM changes to that element, or a child of that element, will then be ignored by SessionCam and as such will not be recorded.

<div id="change" class="sessioncamignorechanges">
    <div id="child">

In the above example, DOM changes made to both the "change" div and the "child" div will be ignored.

Turning off all DOM change events on a page/website.

If you do not wish to record any DOM change events on your entire website, then this can be configured by us. As such, please get in touch with us if you would like to do this.