Will SessionCam record all of my site visitors?

You determine how much of your web site activity you want to record with SessionCam.

The volume of site visitor sessions that you can record is dependent upon the volume of 'page impressions' you purchase as a part of your contract. At SessionCam a page impression refers to a single page view. You can choose to record 100% of site visitor sessions or you can record a smaller volume by setting a 'sampling rate'.

Should you wish to focus your impression allocation on specific journeys we provide the flexibility to vary the recording level at the domain level and also at a page level. For example, you can choose to record a small percentage of traffic on general “brochure” pages and 100% of traffic on transactional pages like the checkout. Please feel free to ask us if you’re not sure how much traffic to record and we can offer advice by emailing us at support@sessioncam.com.