Testing SessionCam

There are a variety of ways of testing SessionCam using your own processes / third party software. However, below details our recommended approach to testing.

Testing recording
SessionCam makes various calls, which you can view with the developer tools such as Firebug or Fiddler web Proxy. As such you can test that SessionCam is recording correctly by looking for the following calls:

Testing replay

Once you are happy that recording is working correctly, the final check is to see if sessions are coming into the SessionCam console.
You can do this by browsing your website and then checking the following in the console:

  • Note that you can find your session by using the IP address filter.
  • Replay - you can replay your session and check that it is functioning as expected (i.e. correct pages recorded, images are shown etc.). Note that if you do not see assets, you may need to allow our IP addresses.

If you encounter problems during testing, please contact our support team. Our support team can then investigate and resolve the problem accordingly.