Setting Up Custom Page Names/Paths

SessionCam uses the web page URL as a way of referencing and searching a page within the SessionCam console. Sometimes, this may not be appropriate, so you can set your own page (and path) names (urls) for use within the SessionCam console.

Some examples of why you may want to do this is are show below:



Implementing custom page names / paths

You will need to place the following JavaScript on your webpage before the main SessionCam tag.

<script type="text/javascript">
if(!window.sessioncamConfiguration) window.sessioncamConfiguration = new Object();
//Modify this line to populate the path (for example "checkout" or "products") sessioncamConfiguration.SessionCamPath = "section";
//Modify this line to populate the paganame (for example "step1" or "complete")
sessioncamConfiguration.SessionCamPageName = "landing-page"; </script>

The SessionCamPath and SessionCamPageName values then need to be set so that it is relevant to the page that the script is placed on.
For example, using the code above, if your website hostname was, the custom page/path name generated would be: