SessionCam & Privacy

Ensuring your users' privacy is essential. There are 3 main ways that we ensure that we protect your users' personal details:

1. Sensitive form fields

By default we mask all characters entered into text fields on your website.

However, there are options to unmask data.

More information is available on how to do this is available on the 'Disabling recording of specific form fields' page.

We will never record password fields and these will appear blank in any replay. We will also mask fields that we detect to be required for financial data (account numbers, sort codes, card numbers etc)

2. Sensitive text on a webpage

By default we capture all the text that the customer saw on a webpage. Some times a web page may show sensitive information about the user with-in the text of the page (generated page text) such as text on a post payment page or account admin screen.

To ensure that we do not capture this information, you can either:

  • Remove the SessionCam tags from that page so that it is not recorded
  • Place our Hide tags around the sensitive text. Similar to sensitive form fields, text in this area will then come through as stars in replay. More information on the 'Disabling recording of page text' article.


3. Letting your users know

You should ensure that you inform visitors that they are being recorded. We recommend that a message is placed in your Privacy or Cookie policy. Please note that SessionCam may already be covered by your existing policy (depending on its wording).

On we use wording similar to this in our privacy policy:

Our website may also use a website recording service which may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling and any text keyed into website forms.
Data collected by this service is used to improve our website usability. The information collected is stored and is used for aggregated and statistical reporting, and is not shared with anybody else.