What is a Session ID?

A recorded session in SessionCam has a unique identifier called a Session ID.

You can pass this Session ID into your existing analytics tools — such as Google Analytics, Optimizely and Maxymiser —to watch a SessionCam recording directly from that tool.

How to obtain a visitor’s Session ID

You can obtain a visitor's Session ID using the JavaScript function below. This function will check that the Session ID is available before logging the Session ID.

<script type="text/javascript">
scsessionstarted = function(sc) {
  //You can edit the line below to send sc.sessionId to another system
  console.log('Recording has now started. The sessionId is ' + sc.sessionId);
  //If you wanted to send a full replay link you would use something similar to the line below
  console.log('The replay link is https://console.sessioncam.com/Console/Recordings/PlaybackSession?sessionId=' + sc.sessionId);
if (!window.sessioncamConfiguration) {
  window.sessioncamConfiguration = new Object();
sessioncamConfiguration.notifications = [{
  event: 'session/started',
  listener: scsessionstarted

This function returns the Global Unique ID Session ID, and the start time of the session, as a comma separated string.

To view playback of a session for which you have a Session ID, use the URL below and replace the “xxx’s” with your Session ID. You will need to log in to the SessionCam console.


The Session ID is available any time after the SessionCam snippet has initialized on the user's browser. The above tag should be placed before the SessionCam tag itself on the page.

How to go directly to the Recordings screen using a Session ID

You can widen the use of your analytics tool by including a link from that tool directly to a session replay.

With  analytics suites like Google's Universal Analytics, Adobe, and WebTrends, you can send data items into the tool for reporting and segmentation.

You can send the SessionCam Session ID for each recorded session to any analytics tool that accepts custom variables. You can do this by sending a variable with the value shown below:


In order to go directly to a session replay, use the URL below and replace xxxx with the Session ID sent to (and visible to) your analytics suite:


Only authorized SessionCam users will be able to view the link. Please contact support@sessioncam.com if you need additional users set up.