How to disable the recording of page text

In this article we explain how to disable the recording of page text. 

This is relevant if you have text on your web page that could include sensitive information and you don’t want SessionCam to record or capture this information.

Before we start, it’s worth noting that, although in SessionCam we refer to this process as 'masking' or ‘starring out’, in effect rather than just obscuring the text, when recording, we do not view, capture or store the text. Instead any ‘masked’ text displays as an asterisk e.g. ****.

To disable any page text, you need to add the CSS class ‘sessioncamhidetext’ to the element.  This will ensure all text within this element is starred out in session playback. SessionCam supports two different methods of disabling page text:

Method 1: add the ‘sessioncamhidetext’ class to the body element

This will ensure all text on a page is starred out all of the time.

Adding this class to the body element ensures that all of the page text is ‘starred out’.


Method 2: add the ‘sessioncamhidetext’ class to a specific element

This will only star out the text in those elements that have the ‘sessioncamhidetext’ class added to them.  In the following example only the address in the bottom right of the page has been starred out.


Please note that if you are using this method you must also add the ‘sessioncamhidetext’ class to the innermost HTML element containing the text.  

The example below shows how to add the class, in this case a dropdown list.  We recommend you follow this code structure exactly to ensure the protection of sensitive data.  

   <li class="sessioncamhidetext">Address line 1</li>
   <li class="sessioncamhidetext">Address line 2</li>

Please note that for either method, for a 'belt and braces' approach, SessionCam can be configured to mask all text on a page (hostname or path).