Disable recording of page text

SessionCam recognize that there may be some text on your web page that may contain sensitive information. To disable recording of specific text you may add a css class "sessioncamhidetext" to an element to ensure all text within it is starred out in playback. There are two ways of doing this:

1. Add the class to the body element - which will ensure ALL text on the page is starred all of the time. 

SessionCam can also implement this option and can confgure to mask all text on a specific hostname, path or page.  Please let us know if you would like us to do this (contact support@sessioncam.com)




2. Add the class to specific element(s) - to star just the text in those elements. Please note that if using this method the class must be added to the inner most html element containing the text. So, for example the code below shows the correct way to use this tag in the example of a dropdown list:



    <li class="sessioncamhidetext">Address line 1</li>

    <li class="sessioncamhidetext">Address line 2</li>




Please note that if you were to use the code structure below the code will not function as intended and may cause sensitive data to be captured.


<div class="sessioncamhidetext">


    <li>Address line 1</li>

    <li>Address line 2</li>