Disabling recording of form fields

If your website visitors input confidential or sensitive information onto forms on your website, you may not want SessionCam to record this data. SessionCam have two methods of defining which form fields we should not record. You can use either method & these methods are outlined below.

Note that SessionCam will capture the number of characters your users have entered into fields, but not the actual characters (e.g. if a user entered "Test" into a field, we would know that they entered 4 characters, but not the specific characters they entered). These are represented as stars in replay.

If your field uses the HTML5 type of 'number' for example we will show any masked data as a single 0, this is due to field validation rules restricting adding a non-numeric character to the field.

Option 1: Defining the field privacy from within the console

You can star out specific fields by setting up rules with-in the SessionCam console. You will need to know the HTML name of a field to do this.

Note that you have the following options:

  • Record all fields on your hostname
  • Star out all fields on your hostname
  • Star out specific fields on your hostname

The steps to add these rules are as follows:

  • Log into the SessionCam console.
  • Click "Manage" (in the Left Hand Navigation ).
  • Select "Hostnames".
  • Click the "Manage" button next to the hostname.
  • Select the relevant option in the "Privacy options" select box.
  • If you select "Star out specific text fields, you will be presented with an additional text field. Enter the HTML name of the field that you want to star out. If you have multiple fields, click the "+add another" link.
  • When starring out specific fields, by default we will star out all the characters entered into a field. However, the new select box shown will allow you to record the first/last x characters of a field.
  • Click "Save".

Option 2: Defining sensitive fields with-in your HTML code.

You can star out specific fields by using the "sessioncamexclude" class on text fields.

For example: <input type="text" class="sessioncamexclude" />

Placing this class will automatically disable the recording of this field.

Automatic field masking 

For your security, we will automatically star(mask) any form fields that look like they might be an account number or credit card number  or related field - for example the name of the field contains both account and num,  or account and no, or card and num, or ccv.   If you have any questions about this, please contact support@sessioncam.com