Turning Recording On or Off for your site

In order to toggle the recording status you must have the Product Admin level of access, if you do not have the Manage option on your console screen please contact support@sessioncam.com

Important: Before you turn recording on/off, please ensure that you are starring out relevant form fields and page text.


  1. Log into the SessionCam console.
  2. Click "Manage"in the left hand navigation
  3. Click "Hostnames/paths"
  4. Click the "Manage" button that is displayed to the right of your hostname
  5. To turn on/off recording, change the Recording status to the appropriate option and click "Save"


If you set the status to "Off", we will not record any new pages that a user sees (i.e. pages currently being viewed by users will still be recorded - once they move onto the next page we will stop recording).
If you set the status to "On", we will start recording from the next page the customer visits.