Release: 12/July/2017

Release Type: Console Release

Release Title: New Feature!

Release Completion Date: 12/July/2017 16:00 (UK time) 

Release details: 

A major release of new automated journey detection:

You’ll see a new feature in the console today - KEY JOURNEYS. It automatically analyzes all the recorded visits to your site to identify the most valuable paths - journeys - your visitors take. SessionCam then presents you with those journeys alongside your existing defined funnels.

You’ll notice in the Left Hand Navigation that the Funnel menu items are now included within a new section named ‘Key Journeys’. You can open that to view all the journeys and view/edit your funnels as before.

When viewing an automatically detected 'journey', or configured 'funnel' through this new 'View All' menu you’ll be presented with a new horizontal visualization of all the steps in that journey, with supporting analytics.

Key Journeys are sorted according to the Revenue at Risk value. Further analysis with form analytics is available if you convert the auto-detected journey into, and view it as, a traditional funnel.

SessionCam checks for new journeys every day and they will automatically appear in your console once sufficient data has been collected. Therefore, I recommend you regularly come back to view the Key Journeys page.