Integrating with Monetate Test & Segment

Monetate Test & Segment is a platform that allows you to test variations of your site pages to analyse potential changes to your site and the impact that will have on your site experience.

In order to set up the integration between Monetate and SessionCam the instructions from Monetate are as follows:

1) Log in to Monetate and go to the following - Settings>Integrations>Third-Party Analytics
2) Add a Report giving a suitable title and copy the following code snippet:

window.sessioncamConfiguration = window.sessioncamConfiguration || {};
window.sessioncamConfiguration.customDataObjects = window.sessioncamConfiguration.customDataObjects || [];
for (var i = 0; i < campaigns.length; i++) {
var item = { key: 'Monetate-' + campaigns[i].key, value: campaigns[i].split };

3) Enable this for any experiments you would like the integration to be active for. This will send through a custom variable in to SessionCam with the Monetate test details.

If you encounter any issues with the implementation of the script above please contact your Monetate Account Manager or the support team at Monetate.


To filter by the experiments you are running you can set up a filter as below (replacing the Variant ID as required):

"Field Value" for "Monetate - **Variant ID**" IS "variant"


"Field Value" for "Monetate - **Variant ID**" IS "control"