A step by step guide for creating a dimension in Google Analytics


If you are using Universal, Premium or 360 versions of Google Analytics the following will enable you to add a session link to your reports!


You will need to set up a dimension for us to pass the SessionCam ID to and this can be achieved by completing the below steps:


Step 1 - Once in GA click on the admin option in the left hand menu



Step 2 - Select the relative property



Step 3 - Then select custom definitions



Followed by Custom Dimensions 




Step 4 - Then you are ready to create your dimension and just need to click on the New Custom Dimension button
Step 5 - Give your Custom Dimension a name and select Session in the scope options (this means the value is applied to all hits in a single session) 
Once you are happy just click create.
Then you just need to let the team here know the index number by emailing support@sessioncam.com and we will do the rest!
Once we have confirmed everything is set our side you will then be able to select the dimension for all future reports!
Google provide further information around creating dimensions here