Medallia/Kampyle | Bi-directional

Medallia/Kampyle is a customer feedback solution that also offers an ‘Experience Cloud’, allowing you to analyse lots of user experiences in one place.

The benefits of this integration are:

  • You can go straight to view a session where someone has given a very low feedback rating
  • You can filter SessionCam data by people that have:
  • Filled in a survey
  • Rejected a survey
  • By score
  • and many other options

Send SessionCam data to Medallia

SessionCam and Medallia/Kampyle can be integrated so that you can link together customer feedback and the corresponding session replay.

This feature is provisioned manually by your Medallia customer success manager.

Reach out to the team at Medallia to get this process started. Once it has been activated you’ll see a full session replay URL in your Kampyle responses.

Send Medallia data to SessionCam

Medallia has many events we can use to produce Custom Variables in SessionCam. We can see when a form was submitted, how many stars were given, even if the form was opened and then closed without giving feedback.

There are two types of event listener Medallia offers. You will need to confirm with your Medallia account manager these are available, before using them on your account. 

Here is some example code that will fire a Custom Variable into SessionCam, with the value of the feedback rating, when a rating below 3 has been submitted. Or it will provide some text, if the feedback is above 2 or if an error occurs.

This code can be modified as required.

window.addEventListener('MDigital_Submit_Feedback', function(event) {
  var eventContent;
  try {
    eventContent = event.detail.Content
  } catch (err) {}
  if (eventContent) {
    for (var i = 0; i < eventContent.length; i++) {
      var eventContentValue;
      try {
        eventContentValue = eventContent[i].value
      } catch (err) {}
      if (eventContentValue < 3) {
        sessionCamRecorder.sendCustomDataEvent('Medallia Feedback', eventContentValue);
      } else {
        sessionCamRecorder.sendCustomDataEvent('Medallia Feedback', 'Greater than 2');
  } else {
    sessionCamRecorder.sendCustomDataEvent('Medallia Feedback', 'No event detail');

This will appear in the SessionCam filters as a field value "Medallia Feedback" with the feedback value given as the Value. This will allow you to filter by people that have given 1 star, 2 stars, or both. You can find out more about custom variables by following this link