Change Log

Release Date: October 31 2017

  • Fixed an issue with data discrepancies on some Key Journey's for some clients when using different filter combinations


Release Date: October 23 2017

  • Fixed issue with scrolling in a few instances using reactJS parallax scroll monitoring 
  • Fixed an issue in playback on Edge with the playback progress bar showing erratic movements


Release Date: October 22 2017

  • Date picker options updated for older 'custom' date range, where data will be 'requested'
  • Notification system implemented to notify when older (> 3 months) date range data is available
  • Notification system implemented to notify when requested data exports have started and completed
  • Redesigned Page Details page implemented in Funnel reports


Release Date: October 11 2017

  • Improved tooltips for automated Google Analytics integration
  • Fixed display bugs when no hostnames are recording
  • Added new ‘Integrations’ menu item for users with Admin access in the Manage menu


Release Date: October 04 2017

  • New feature to replay any recording at half speed
  • New feature to jump to any point in playback by clicking on progress bar
  • New feature to skip to next event in playback
  • Fixed issues capturing scrolling behaviour on some devices, for some clients
  • Fixed issue with uncommon screen resolutions used by some visitors to client websites
  • Fixed issue with missing images behind firewalls for some clients
  • Fixed issue with missing link analytics for some clients


Release Date: September 28 2017

  • Fixed issue filtering by some ‘locations’


Release Date: September 26 2017

  • Improvements to Struggle Pages UI, renamed from Page Insights
  • New top-level navigation item to link directly to Struggle Pages
  • New feature to show trend on average Customer Struggle Scores over time
  • New Feature to filter Struggle PAges by Date and/or Hostname
  • Fixed issue where some screens not automatically ordering sessions by Struggle Score


Release Date: September 22 2017

  • Fixed issue causing Adobe Analytics calls during playback for clients integrated with Adobe  
  • Fixed issues capturing scrolling behaviour on some devices, for some clients
  • Fixed issues capturing accurate click positions on heatmaps for some clients
  • Fixed issues where some visitors to some client websites were not showing full width playback
  • Fixed issue where some link analytics data was not displayed clearly for some clients


Release Date: September 18 2017

  • Fixed issue with naming conventions on some automatically generated Key Journeys


Release Date: September 7 2017

  • Fixed issue capturing some SVG images for some clients
  • Fixed issue with some broken links when playback on Safari for some client
  • Fixed issue displaying images for some clients when recorded in Chrome, playback in Edge


Release Date: August 30 2017

  • Fixed issue with the setting to override auto scrolling during playback when viewing with Safari
  • New feature to view downloaded heatmaps in JPEG format
  • Fixed an incompatibility error between settings to ignore website canonical links with some A/B testing


Release Date: August 22 2017

  • Fixed issue Pre IE8 browsers and the feature to use Adobe page names


Release Date: August 15 2017

  • Improved User Experience through better signposting on Funnel Insights pages
  • Improved User Experience and minor bugs of Page Insights - and start of rename to Struggle Pages
  • New Security and Password features:
  • Option to force a password reset after x days since the password was last reset
  • Option to ensure that the same password can not be reused
  • New users will be redirected to a 'change password' page on their first access to SessionCam


Release Date: August 11 2017

  • Fixed issue where special characters in URLs prevented some heatmaps and link analytics displaying
  • Enhanced asset collection ability for very large files names


Release Date: August 3 2017

  • Fixed issue to ensure playback starts at the struggle page when requested


Release Date: July 26 2017

  • Fixed issue preventing some heatmaps displaying for some clients
  • Fixed issue preventing CSS showing for super long file names


Release Date: July 24 2017

  • Fixed issue searching for complex test names with the built in Optimizely Integration


Release Date: July 19 2017

  • Fixed issue persisting some parameters in Console urls between pages
  • Enhanced sampling rate to ensure /Custom Variable data can be used immediately in filters
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally hid Revenue and Risk value for some clients
  • Fixed column width issue displaying error data for some clients on Error Reporting
  • Fixed issue swapping the page order on replays for small number of clients


Release Date: July 6 2017

  • Enhanced calculation of Average CS score displayed on Key Journeys pages
  • Fixed problem with Segments occasionally missing data/sessions that should be included


Release Date: July 5 2017

  • Fixed issue preventing accurate size of an embedded iframe displaying correctly in a heatmap
  • Fixed an issue replaying audio when playbacks are frequently paused and restarted

Release Date: June 28 2017

  • New Feature, Key Journeys automatically identifying the common journeys through your website so that you can visualise them in a similar way to user-defined funnels
  • New Feature to convert system generated Journeys into funnels
  • New Feature to  show converted revenue and revenue at risk associated with Journeys and Funnels


Release Date: June 28 2017

  • Fixed problem causing some DOM changes to be missed during recording for a specific client
  • Discontinued support for replays in IE7