Product Announcements


May 24 2018

  • An update to the Error detection feature with largely improved error detection capabilities. The results will be noticed within the Opportunities Dashboard and the Error screen.

May 23 2018

  • Adobe Analytics Bi-directional integration now supports multiple 'Report Suite id's' (separated by a semi-colon in the AA authentication settings) in the console.
  • Various Adobe Analytics Bi-directional integration and Key Journey UX improvements
  • Product Admin Users can delete Journeys (in addition to Funnels) on the Key Journey overview screen:


  • A configurable limit on how many results return when using the Field Value filter:



May 11 2018

  • Bug Fixes. Various around Error Reports and Exporting of Error Report data


May 3 2018

  • Bugfix. Key Journeys show data, but Journeys shown in Funnels does not on some accounts
  • Provide a client Opt out mechanism of recording


April 26 2018

  • Bugfix. Missing link analytics data on some accounts
  • Display “browser error” messages during Playback


April 25 2018

  • Back-end improvements to Adobe Analytic bi-directional integration
  • Display the 30 day date range limit for key journeys in the console


April 19 2018

  • Bug Fixes. Various to Playback, including recording efficiencies


April 12 2018

  • Bug Fixes. Various enhancements to Error Detection.
  • Errors screen can be filtered by Devices and Browsers
  • Error Screen - Playback to open at point of error
  • Error screen Graph and Table data can be exported


April 11 2018

  • Increasing stability of the bi-directional integration processors and widening access to bi-directional integrations within the console
  • Adobe Analytics Bi-directional integration goes live for all customers

April 3 2018

  • Bugfix. Not picking up imported CSS to identify errors
  • Bugfix. No converted revenue appearing in some funnels
  • Track Browser Errors - Recording changes
  • Error screen UX improvements


March 28 2018

  • Bug fixes to Adobe Bi-directional integration and improved stability measures


March 22 2018

  • Bug fixes to scrolling issues in Playback


March 19 2018

  • Customer Service Managers can add multiple IP overrides to an hostname


March 13 2018

  • Implements the final phase of the pipeline which surfaces Adobe Analytic segments in SessionCam console filters.

March 8 2018

  • Bugfix. New heatmap downloads service to use Chrome.


March 6 2018

  • New filtering by Hostname on Error screen added
  • Clearing filter data on the error screen resets the screen to the default state


February 28 2018

  • Adobe Analytics bi-directional integration beta released


February 21 2018

  • Bugfix. 5 seconds skip on a mobile recording sometimes caused a touch point would remain on screen


February 15 2018

  • Bugfix. Error screen not loading for some users


February 13 2018

  • New Error dismissal feature for Product Admins users
  • Updated Error reporting accuracy
  • Opportunities Dashboard becomes a top-level navigation item
  • New 'Close Tour' functionality added to existing tours
  • Bugfix. Screen resizing misaligns windows during a feature tour
  • Bugfix. Opportunities Session List was not correctly sorted by CS Score
  • Bugfix. Opportunities 'No Funnels' tile styling broken
  • Bugfix. "Unknown" location recordings were missing an identification icon


January 25 2018

  • Update to Qubit Integration code
  • Update to Custom JS Processing - The ability to fire "Custom Javascript" from the console will now be executed before a recording has started.
  • Input field starring now includes attributes with 'password' in the name
  • Added field name expiration to a list of automatic fields for exclusion


January 18 2018

  • Exit Page field included in Exported data
  • Day 1 Experience Tour added to Recordings and Playback for Free Trial users


January 17 2018

  • Deployment of Adobe bi-directional integration UI changes only


January 15 2018

  • Day 1 Experience Tour added to struggle pages
  • Bugfix. Error messages truncated for Error Tiles in Opportunities for all users


January 12 2018

  • Bugfix. Issues resolved around the implementation and migration of clients onto the new Alerts platform


January 8 2018

  • Bugfix. For the “IsPotentialTrackingBeacon” method was persistently raising an exception in Asset Processor logs
  • Adobe bi-directional integration update for more accurate bounce rates within Adobe Analytics