Platform Releases

August 9th 2018

Heatmaps: Bug Fix - Scrollbar Width Calculations Returning Incorrect Values

It was identified that some styling elements could potentially interfere with a calculation method used to identify scrollbar width for heatmaps. A change to the player JavaScript now mitigates this issue from occurring in the future.

Record and Replay: Bug Fixes

A number of record and replay bugs have been addressed in this release, which include:

  1. In some scenarios, clients who have hidden fields on a page, and have their browsers auto-fill enabled, were seeing high form field re-entry even though a visitor did not interact with the fields.
  2. A client identified issue was raised which observed that some fields were being incorrectly rendered during playback due to the recording process stripping a necessary parameter form the page.
  3. Visitors using IE were reporting the JavaScrip error message '(,:Unable to get property 'toLowerCase' of undefined or null reference/Record/js/sessioncam.recorder.js'.
  4. During custom code testing, it was identified that areas on a specific site page, which were specified to be removed, would re-appear if the page was translated to another language.
  5. During custom code testing, where a client may have the in-page Paypal app implemented, custom data masking was not taking effect.


August 3rd 2018

Heatmaps: Bug Fix - Launching from Recordings

For users who have the 'Advanced Link Analytics' permission applied, they will now see that the number of clicks in the dropdown is now formatted with a 'thousands' separator, where applicable.

Dashboard: Struggle Widget Improvement

The 'Highest Struggle Recordings' widget now displays "No data" if there happens to be no struggle detected in any session for the selected date range.

Funnel Reports: Performance Improvements

The following improvements have been implemented to the Funnel page report screen:

Pages with many dynamic field names will have less impact on load time where no filter is applied.
Dynamic field names will now be recorded and presented as a single field name, instead of multiple names.


July 25th 2018

Heatmaps: Bug Fix - Launching from Recordings

An issue has been resolved where it was not possible to launch a Heatmap from a user-defined point within a recording if the session contained a URL more than once.

Heatmaps: Bug Fix - Displaying Dynamic Content

A fix has been implemented to resolve an issue where in some instances of launching a Heatmap directly from a recording, so as to view Heatmapped dynamic content, the content would not be visible.

Adobe Analytics Bi-directional Integration: Operational Alarm

For users of the Adobe Analytics integration, we have introduced an operational alarm which will notify the SessionCam development team when an account with the integration enabled is not working as expected.



July 19th 2018

'Help': New Nav

The 'Help' icon has now been removed from the collapsible tray and relocated to the footer of every page of the console. This now provides you direct access to the following resources: 

  • Articles relating to the module of the console you're using when you click the 'Help' link 
  • Your support tickets
  • The SessionCam 'Service Status' webpage
  • The 'Product Announcements' webpage

Heatmaps: Link Analytics / Link Click Count

The Heatmaps module now provides you with the ability to see the number of users which are clicking on the links on your pages, as well as the traditional % 'Clicks', we've provided previously.

Errors: Rename "Browser errors" to "JavaScript errors"

Within the Errors and Recording Playback modules ‘Browser Errors’ have now been renamed to ‘JavaScript Errors’.

Errors: Slow Load Time on Error Page Expander

A fix has been implemented for a bug which was affecting accounts with a large number of pages attributed to any particular error message - SessionCam users experienced very slow load times when expanding the page list.

Exports: Remove Corrupted Symbols from Revenue at Risk Exports

A fix has been implemented to rectify a bug affecting the exported output of 'Revenue at Risk' values; the value is now reported as a raw number. Additionally, the currency code the account is configured against is now placed in the header of the column within the .csv file.

Console: Console Items Flash When Closing Sample Lists

A fix has been implemented to resolve an issue where the console would briefly flash when closing a 'Sample Recordings' list within the Struggle Pages, Opportunities and Key Journeys modules.


July 18th 2018

Platform Security: XSS Vulnerability Strengthening

We constantly strive to ensure the SessionCam service is tested and secured against any potential vulnerabilities. We have recently identified a new experimental JavaScript method which has the potential to be used in a malicious manner. We have now implemented an update to the SessionCam replay module to strengthen against any such potential malicious attacks in the future.

Event-Triggered Recording (ETR): Background Processors

Continuing the previous week's ETR background processor work, today we have implemented an update which improves the way we process, store and returns sessions to the end user. 

Opportunities: Console Footer Bug

An update has been made to the Opportunities module to resolve a rendering issue caused upon screen load, and by filter changes.

July 16th 2018

Re-architecture of How Assets are Stored and Processed

We have been working on a project to change the way some of our background processors work. When creating the playback for your sessions, we take the images and styling of your website in the form of assets and then use this to make sure you see your playback sessions as the user experienced them. The forthcoming changes we are making will mean we improve the way we process and manage these assets.


July 5th 2018

Improved Functionality - Enhancements to our error reporting

We have been focusing a lot of background attention on how we can further enhance the way in which we report errors back to you.

This release will enhance your error reports with even more filtering options, increased speed and quicker access to relevant sessions.

In this deployment you will see the following features added to our error reporting:

  • Browser and device filters will now offer the ability to work independently.
  • For our customers who use our Adobe Analytics integration, you will now have the option to filter by Adobe Analytics segments as available in other areas of the console.
  • Playback of sessions will now respect all the filters including the page and you will be able to playback sessions at a page level.
  • We now offer the ability to view both page errors and browser errors within the reporting screen. You will also have the added functionality of being able to filter these by error type.
  • Total error counts will now be displayed at a page level.
  • We have removed the filtering restrictions on our errors screen so you don't have to wait for data older than 3 months old
  • We have re-written our back-end data store which will greatly improve the responsiveness of our reporting page.

As shown above, there will now be a new user tour which will appear for all users when they next visit the errors screen.

Additionally to the reporting screen, we have added an Errors widget to our dashboard. This will enable you to quickly see the top five Error messages SessionCam has detected for the last 30 days.


July 4th 2018

  • The 'Page Visited' filter option is now available on the Key Journeys screen. This enables users to filter Key Journeys that include specific pages. This update also includes minor UI and UX tweaks to the Key Journey screen.



June 26th 2018

Update to the Error Detection feature to start collecting JavaScript errors. JavaScript errors will be appearing soon in the error reporting screen.


June 20 2018

  • Update to the Key Journey screen to filter by Hostname.


June 7 2018

  • BugFix. Update to the Error Trainer (our error detection feature) to fix an issue with the way in which it was retrieving CSS files. This fix helps resolve the cases where errors are being incorrectly picked up and are not visible in playback.


June 6 2018

  • Removal of “today’s” data option from the Funnel Insight’s date picker.
  • Minor UX improvements to the Key Journey's overview screen.


May 31 2018

  • Improvements have been made to both recording and replaying of sessions, as well as addressing a number of bugs.


May 24 2018

  • An update to the Error detection feature with largely improved error detection capabilities. The results will be noticed within the Opportunities Dashboard and the Error screen.

May 23 2018

  • Adobe Analytics Bi-directional integration now supports multiple 'Report Suite id's' (separated by a semi-colon in the AA authentication settings) in the console.
  • Various Adobe Analytics Bi-directional integration and Key Journey UX improvements
  • Product Admin Users can delete Journeys (in addition to Funnels) on the Key Journey overview screen:


  • A configurable limit on how many results return when using the Field Value filter:



May 11 2018

  • Bug Fixes. Various around Error Reports and Exporting of Error Report data


May 3 2018

  • Bugfix. Key Journeys show data, but Journeys shown in Funnels does not on some accounts
  • Provide a client Opt out mechanism of recording


April 26 2018

  • Bugfix. Missing link analytics data on some accounts
  • Display “browser error” messages during Playback


April 25 2018

  • Back-end improvements to Adobe Analytic bi-directional integration
  • Display the 30 day date range limit for key journeys in the console


April 19 2018

  • Bug Fixes. Various to Playback, including recording efficiencies


April 12 2018

  • Bug Fixes. Various enhancements to Error Detection.
  • Errors screen can be filtered by Devices and Browsers
  • Error Screen - Playback to open at point of error
  • Error screen Graph and Table data can be exported


April 11 2018

  • Increasing stability of the bi-directional integration processors and widening access to bi-directional integrations within the console
  • Adobe Analytics Bi-directional integration goes live for all customers

April 3 2018

  • Bugfix. Not picking up imported CSS to identify errors
  • Bugfix. No converted revenue appearing in some funnels
  • Track Browser Errors - Recording changes
  • Error screen UX improvements


March 28 2018

  • Bug fixes to Adobe Bi-directional integration and improved stability measures


March 22 2018

  • Bug fixes to scrolling issues in Playback


March 19 2018

  • Customer Service Managers can add multiple IP overrides to an hostname


March 13 2018

  • Implements the final phase of the pipeline which surfaces Adobe Analytic segments in SessionCam console filters.

March 8 2018

  • Bugfix. New heatmap downloads service to use Chrome.


March 6 2018

  • New filtering by Hostname on Error screen added
  • Clearing filter data on the error screen resets the screen to the default state


February 28 2018

  • Adobe Analytics bi-directional integration beta released


February 21 2018

  • Bugfix. 5 seconds skip on a mobile recording sometimes caused a touch point would remain on screen


February 15 2018

  • Bugfix. Error screen not loading for some users


February 13 2018

  • New Error dismissal feature for Product Admins users
  • Updated Error reporting accuracy
  • Opportunities Dashboard becomes a top-level navigation item
  • New 'Close Tour' functionality added to existing tours
  • Bugfix. Screen resizing misaligns windows during a feature tour
  • Bugfix. Opportunities Session List was not correctly sorted by CS Score
  • Bugfix. Opportunities 'No Funnels' tile styling broken
  • Bugfix. "Unknown" location recordings were missing an identification icon


January 25 2018

  • Update to Qubit Integration code
  • Update to Custom JS Processing - The ability to fire "Custom Javascript" from the console will now be executed before a recording has started.
  • Input field starring now includes attributes with 'password' in the name
  • Added field name expiration to a list of automatic fields for exclusion


January 18 2018

  • Exit Page field included in Exported data
  • Day 1 Experience Tour added to Recordings and Playback for Free Trial users


January 17 2018

  • Deployment of Adobe bi-directional integration UI changes only


January 15 2018

  • Day 1 Experience Tour added to struggle pages
  • Bugfix. Error messages truncated for Error Tiles in Opportunities for all users


January 12 2018

  • Bugfix. Issues resolved around the implementation and migration of clients onto the new Alerts platform


January 8 2018

  • Bugfix. For the “IsPotentialTrackingBeacon” method was persistently raising an exception in Asset Processor logs
  • Adobe bi-directional integration update for more accurate bounce rates within Adobe Analytics
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