Integrate SessionCam & Google Optimise

To integrate Google Optimise with Sessioncam, you need to include our Custom Variable code (as can be seen below) into each of your variants to identify them within the SessionCam console.

You can set up the integration code by editing the body element on your page in Google Optimise and then selecting Run JavaScript. Enter the code below in the box that appears and modify the "Test1" value relevant to your test.

<script type="text/javascript">

window.sessioncamConfiguration = new Object();


window.sessioncamConfiguration.customDataObjects = [];
var item = { key: "GoogleOptimise", value: "Test1" };

SessionCam console using the following filter setup:You’ll then be able to filter your sessions within the

"Field Value" for "GoogleOptimise" is "Exactly" "Test1" to pull out the sessions related to the variable above.

You can also filter for any sessions that have seen the variable (including its value) by following the instructions below:

  1. Create a Segment which has a filter reading "Field Value" for "GoogleOptimise" is "Entered".
  2. Create an Export. In the export use the segment you just created and in the Fields to export (section 2) add "GoogleOptimise" as the field.

When you create the CSV file you’ll see a file where visitors have seen one of your variants and also the variant they saw (based on the value you have added to the variable).