Release: 06/Jan/2017

Release Type: Release Type: Recording Release and Console Function

Release Title: Password rules, Heatmaps generation and recording enhancements

Release Completion Date: 06/Jan/2017 11:00 (UK time) 

Release details: 

Console Function
a) allow the heatmap to be produced from a specific point ('moment') in the playback of a page -  this will help to make sure that the underlying image is relevant to the heat map data if a page is not fully loaded when initial heatmap image is captured - this feature is available when choosing to generate a heatmap during a replay
b) enhance heatmap accuracy with unusual image size definitions
c) password rules - enhanced to meet the current standard of a minimum of 10 characters (from 8 characters)
Recording Release

d) upgrade to playback of specific 'canvas' elements for sites built with html5 canvas

e) enhance the accuracy surrounding the way SessionCam captures a 'class' name during recording (this will help with two small bugs from older IE7 browser recordings)

f) enhance the accuracy of some Virtual Page loads resize events 
g) enhance playback of sessions recorded with no specific version number for older versions of browsers.